Aims and Themes


The network aims to realise the potential of using food waste and by-products to produce renewable chemicals & biomaterials with added value and market potential. We do this by:

  • Encouraging collaboration between researchers & industrialists
  • Identifying suitable: feedstocks, novel products and product applications
  • Facilitating the development of scalable technologies based on industrial biotechnology and process engineering for sustainable production


FoodWasteNet themes are broad and are focused on raw materials (food processing waste/by-streams from farm gate to factory gate); a range of skills and techniques that underpin processing and a variety of potential products with market potential (from lower cost/ higher volume products to high cost/low volume materials):

  • Raw materials - Fruit and vegetable trimmings/pulps, Vegetable oil residues, By- products from dairy, fish & meat processing, Cereal spent grains
  • Processing - Physical separation, Enzyme processing, Microbial fermentation, Systems biology, Catalysis, Thermal processing, Non-thermal processing, Chemical processing
  • Products - Bulk chemicals, Speciality chemicals, Phytochemicals, Oleochemicals, Biopolymers, Bioplastics, Food ingredients