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Saving Waste in Horticulture: Optimising Resources, 10 Nov 2017

Free and open to all, access independent advice and research on reducing crop and food waste and improving resource use efficiency in the horticultural and fresh produce supply chains with a mix of seminars and exhibits at one of Cambridge’s premier event locations.
Food waste research is central to the work of the Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub – a unique facility based in the Cambridgeshire Fens for fresh produce and field vegetable farmers and growers, food businesses and trade organisations working within the food supply chain. Managed by NIAB the event will also showcase the work of the EU Interreg2Seas BioBoost project.

Part of Agri-Tech Week, celebrating innovation across the eastern region, and located at NIAB’s Sophi Taylor Building on the outskirts of Cambridge, this event is aimed at all those working in the horticultural and agricultural industry.

How to pitch to win a client contract, 28 Nov 2017, Wisbech PO13 3BH

These courses are aimed at small businesses that are concerned with fresh produce and field vegetables generally. We welcome SMES in, food businesses, food logistics, small engineering, farming, manufacture, waste use and valorization and related companies others wishing to engage in and build up their business. Though the main focus is very broadly waste in the food supply chain and resource use efficiency in its production, we welcome businesses that are in this space very broadly. The cost of each event is £30 to cover lunch and refreshment and a contribution to costs; registration will cost £90, of which £60 is refunded via 'Eventbrite' when participants formally enroll on the day. The object of these events is to improve communication of focus and ability to appeal to investors and partners. The event will be useful in terms of not only training, but will facilitate networking with those working in a similar space. There is space for 6 businesses in each event.

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