Proof of Concept Funding

Proof of Concept Additional Funding, Closes 25 Sept 17


We have been awarded additional funding via an ISCF Industrial Biotechnology Seeding Catalyst Award. We will award £25k (100% FEC) to 3-4 month PoC-style projects which can be completed (including final report) by 28 February 2018 non-negotiable. Application Form and Guidelines are now available.


Proof of Concept funds are available to encourage and support collaboration between academics and industrialists within the network. The funding calls include any area covered by the FoodWasteNet Scope.


Supported activities


The funds will help pump-prime collaborative research projects of industrial relevance (likely to be at an early stage) that could lead to outcomes of:


  • clear potential for further funding
  • new research technology transfer projects
  • having a route to commercial translation
  • provision of data to support the aims of FoodWasteNet and  future activities of FoodWasteNet Members


Funds will support a range of activities from research or data production through to theoretic, economic, environmental or social studies.


Scope and aims of PoC projects


Funded projects will be aligned with the overall aim of FoodWasteNet to realise the potential of using food waste & by-products:


  • To identify and provide information on suitable feed stocks, novel products and product applications
  • To make chemicals & biomaterials with added value and market potential


The scope of funded projects will also align with the thematic areas of the FoodWasteNet Network:


  • Raw materials - Fruit and vegetable trimmings/pulps, Vegetable oil residues, Cereal spent grains, By- products from dairy, meat & fish processing
  • Processing - Physical separation, Enzyme processing, Microbial fermentation, Systems biology, Catalysis, Thermal processing, Non-thermal processing, Chemical processing
  • Products - Bulk chemicals, Speciality chemicals, Phytochemicals, Oleochemicals, Biopolymers, Bioplastics, Food ingredients


Previously Awarded Projects


FoodWasteNet has funded 10 PoC Projects and helped industrial partners to explore getting more value from a wide range of food processing wastes and co-products. Public summaries of previously funded projects are available:



We started funding PoC projects in 2014 and we are now beginning to compile short profile/case studies to highlight the outputs and impacts of these projects. You can read our first here from Dr David Gray.


Dr David Gray - Physical Fractionation of Green Waste


If you have received PoC or BIV funding from FoodWasteNet please get in touch if you are interested in taking part in these case studies.