FoodWasteNet Summary

FoodWasteNet was a BBSRC funded Network in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBB) active April 2014 - March 2019. Our 600 members were drawn from industry, universities, research organisations, NGOs and charities.

The network was directed by a Management Committee made up of industry-based and academic members, with emphasis placed on strong industrial representation.

During the network lifetime FoodWasteNet funded: one consortium building meeting, 6 undergraduate summer projects and 49 collaborative projects between academic and industrial partners. It also delivered: 10 scientific meetings, 3 Training workshops; 3 ECR career development events and 4 networking & funding workshops. These activities helped our members to build new collaborations; explore ideas for food waste valorisation; bring new knowledge to their research or develop their professional development

Please contact Professor Dimitris Charalampopoulos with enquiries about FoodWasteNet.

The Future

The Phase II NIBB Biomass Biorefinery Network (BBNet) launches in April 2019 and will build on work done by three Phase I NIBB: Food Waste Net, Plant to Products and the Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network. BBNet will serve as a catalyst to bring the UK’s best scientists together with our most ambitious and innovative companies to drive forward the sustainable bioeconomy. Feedstocks will include agricultural waste and forest residues, food industry and brewing waste, municipal and commercial waste, marine biomass and biomass crops.

BBNet’s remit will encompass bioprocessing, bio-catalysis and fermentation of biomass and will embrace chemical conversion, engineering and combinations of these processes with thermochemical and other technologies to produce fuels, chemicals and materials. BBNet will have funding opportunities and will organise a range of relevant events for Network members. As in Phase I, membership will be free and open to all.

For further information about joining BBNet please contact the BBNet Manager

FoodWasteNet was funded by the BBSRC and hosted by the University of Reading